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Running Toolbox


2015 Summer kick-off season information

A welcome message from Jeff and information on the latest updates on the run-walk-run method!

Cadence Drill

The Jeff Galloway Cadence Drill combines physical and mental training to increase speed. It is common sense that increasing the number of steps you take while running will make you faster.

Acceleration-Glider Drill

The Jeff Galloway Acceleration -- Glider Drill performed once a week will help you become faster and go the distance. 

Jeff on the Run-Walk-Run Method

Jeff Galloway introducing his Run-Walk-Run Method to audiences in Missoula, Montana. January 19, 2011, Wilma Theater, downtown Missoula.

Food & Drink with Jeff Galloway

In this edition, Jeff discusses the importance of eating and staying hydrated on long runs. He breaks down the amount of fluids to intake before, during and after long runs, and discusses the best options to keep you moving.

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