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Come join one of the largest and most successful marathon training programs in the country. You'll run with others of your own ability using run/walk breaks in a fun, team environment.


We run Saturday mornings at 7:00 AM (earlier during summer time).  Come join us for a run and bring your friends – we are always guest friendly!

We can help you achieve your running goals in a fun, team environment! We offer pace groups so you'll be assured on running / walking with others of your own ability.


The centerpiece of our 24-week training program is the weekly long run, utilizing Jeff Galloway’s unique Run/Walk system. Additionally, you are encouraged to complete 2 short runs during the week on your own. You’ll need to be able to walk or slowly run-walk 3 miles when you start our half marathon or marathon training program. For new runners, our Getting Started program is also available.


You will make lots of new friends and learn more about endurance running while working to achieve your running goals. Whether you are hoping to run your first half or full marathon or you are a veteran runner planning to improve your performance, we can help!

Come join us for a run and bring your friends – we are always guest friendly! 

Feel free to email us with questions at

Remember - We Run – Heat, Rain or Cold !!!


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