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Jeff Galloway Program Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Galloway Training Program??

The primary objective of the Jeff Galloway Training Program is to get you across the finish line injury free.  This program has a pace group for every level of running and walking.


What is a Magic Mile?

Participants begin the program by running a Magic Mile time trial.  The Magic Mile is a unique tool developed by Jeff Galloway that will determine pace group for the long run, run/walk interval, training pace, and predict a reasonable time goal.


What does the weekly training consist of?

Weekly training consists of two weekday low mileage runs (which can be done on your own or with others of similar speed), and a Saturday long mileage run with your preferred pace group.  Pace groups allow participants to meet new running friends, receive support and motivation, and facilitate running goals.  Each group has a leader with experience using the Galloway training method.  Runners are encouraged to train at the pace appropriate for their goals on the weekday runs; on the Saturday long runs, pace groups will train at the pace appropriate for their slowest member.


What are the benefits?

Participants will be able to run their targeted race within 15 – 30 weeks depending on program (over 95% of the members do).  Participants run with a pace group each Saturday at their ability level, on interesting and varied routes with water stops.  The run-walk-run method is an easy on the body way of training that allows you to run long and still enjoy your weekend.  If you come into the program injury free, run-walk-run can help you stay that way.  If you are a steady runner, you may be surprised when your finish times improve using run-walk-run method.


What does registration include?

See the Jeff Galloway Group Benefits page for a full list. 


How much does it cost?

New Members:

  • $208 for a year training program

  • $159 for a marathon training program

  • $95 for a half marathon training program

  • $89 for a 12 week Getting Started program


  • $148 for a year training program

  • $99 for a marathon training program

  • $75 for a half marathon training program

  • $69 for a 12 week Getting Started program


Getting Started programs typically begin in March or April.
Fall half marathon and marathon programs begin in June.
Spring half marathon program begins in September.


When does my subscription to Runner’s World start?

Runner’s World is a member benefit for marathon and year round members.  New subscriptions to the magazine are started on a quarterly basis. You will get a full year of the magazine, from whichever month it starts.



Runner Training Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the Jeff Galloway Group Training FAQ for more information.

Where do you meet? 

Group runs are at a pre-established location in central Austin, with an occasional location change based on training season and races. We normally meet at 7:00 am, with earlier starts for longer distance training runs. Registered members receive a weekly e-mail with the starting location and time.


What if it rains?

We run in the rain! Since it is so hard to predict Texas weather, workouts will not be cancelled ahead of time. In the event that lightning is present in the immediate area, workouts may be delayed or cancelled at that point. Workouts will only be cancelled if absolutely necessary. 


Can I still join if I can’t make all the scheduled workouts?

Yes, you can still join one of our training programs even if you are unable to make every workout. It is in your best interest to attend every workout, but we also understand that this may not be possible.  Ask your Program Director or pace group leader what you can do on the days that you will miss; they will be glad to provide you with workouts.



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