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The Austin Galloway training program is committed to providing a safe, friendly, challenging and motivating experience to our member runners as they train for their races whether the are a 5K, 10K, half or full marathons. We will accomplish this with a structured program featuring run/walk breaks, gradual mileage increases and runner education within a team environment. 


We also feel it's important to support our local endurance races as participants and volunteers. Above all we are committed to friendship, camaraderie and having FUN as we RUN!!!


Whether you are an experienced runner wishing to improve your time or a first timer wanting to tackle a half or full marathon – we can help you “Do Something Amazing!”


Our program stresses the following principles:


1. Weekly long runs, at a pace slower than your race pace.  These runs are the best way to build endurance while reducing the risk of injury.  Our initial runs start at 3 miles and gradually progress to a full 26 miles over the course of 5 - 6 months. 


2. Walk breaks are incorporated into long runs - Walking helps you cover longer distances without fatigue and aids recovery.  Our long training runs actually serve as “dress rehearsals” for your upcoming race.


3. Proper hydration and nutrition will allow you to increase your mileage safely while allowing quick recovery. 


4. Our pace groups are led by experienced Team Leaders that serve as mentors to our program members.  Running with others of your own ability makes running more rewarding, fun and safe.



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