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Welcome to Austin Galloway!

2024 All Year Round Session Kickoff this Saturday, March 9th 7:00 AM at Mozart's!
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The Austin Galloway Run/Walk/Run Training Program is open to anyone who is interested in fulfilling a lifetime goal of running a Half Marathon.  The training group welcomes all levels, from beginners to seasoned Marathoners.  Pace groups are set up to ensure a comfortable and safe training pace for every ability.

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Ready, set, go!  Our All Year Round Session is officially here!  If you're looking for a way to stay active and motivated, come join us!  We have several run-walk-run pace groups and we train year-round on Saturday morning.  

What's your plan for 2024?  Let Austin Galloway be part of your journey.  Whether you want to run for a good time or run to have a good time, we are here to help you train safely and successfully.  #atxgalloway #ChallengeYourLimits

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